How Important is Finding The Right College?


The right college experience will set the stage for a vibrant, fulfilling and successful life.  The wrong choice leads to transfers, lost credits, emotional challenges or ending up in on a dismal career path!


Of the thousands of colleges to choose from, it feels practically impossible to find the one that will fit like a glove, create a challenging, engaging environment to flourish in, and deliver a degree that will grant a substantial advantage in the next stages in life.


Every student deserves to find and follow their Authentic College Path.



Authentic College Path is a facilitated online group learning experience that guides young students and their families

through the intimidating process of college admissions.  With the guidance and resources of expert college counselors

and the support of the other families in your group, you and your child can find your path into the best college for your child.


ACP is an alternative to private consulting and counselling services or do-it-yourself books, offered to

families like yours who want your child to have the best possible college experience and a happy, successful life.



The program consists of four distinct stages that ultimately make the process of college admissions as fun and authentic as possible.  


Find the Sparks

This process may be your child's first step in becoming a young adult, to recognize what fuels their ambition and sets them apart.  It's also a difficult time for parents as we begin to give our children space to explore their desires, as separate from our own.


This first stage is discovering what may be characteristics that set your child apart, and how to recognize and evaluate those Sparks as potentially powerful in the college selection process.


Light a Fire

This is your child's opportunity to try things out, to change their minds a few times, to experiment with what they actually like doing, rather than merely the idea of doing it.


In the second stage, we strategize how to try to develop those Sparks into demonstrated proof that those skills and passions can distinguish them as applicants, lighting the Fire that can be seen by the right colleges.


Set Your Vision

We may feel we don't have control over where we go to college-- it's up to the college admissions process. We will turn that experience around, and put the colleges through an "application" process, matching them with our own plans and dreams.


The third stage implements a true matching strategy that pairs your child's ambitions and strengths to the colleges that would most benefit and develop those characteristics.  This creates the Vision of an ideal college for your child.


Build Your Brand

Once we know what we want, and where we want to go, there is simply the matter of getting the message out to those schools to demonstrate the fit. 

It's time to assemble these elements into a full story of how your child is perfect for the colleges they want to attend.  


We create a Brand around the dreams and accomplishments of your child, and use proven strategies to get your child's application in the right hands.


What is the Authentic College Path Program?

Expert Guidance

Each session will cover a new aspect of the ACP program, providing valuable information from experts who have successfully guided hundreds of students into their top choice colleges.

Hands-on Activity

The assignments given with each session will provide an opportunity for you and your child to discover what works for your situation.  These are hands-on activities that will incrementally develop your child's readiness for college and beyond.



Supportive Accountability

Each session will review with the families on their activities, check in on questions and clarifications, and share stories about their progress.  This key component of the program helps families stay connected and engaged with the process.