The Montesano Method

David Montesano, Founder

We Know College Admissions
In 2003, the internationally recognized college admissions consultant, David Montesano, created the Montesano Method, a proprietary set of strategies that have proven successful for thousands of students.  Those students won, on average, $80,000 in merit aid, and found the schools where they would complete their college career.  Impressively, 95% of his clients have been accepted to at least one of their top choices.  David presented speeches and hosted workshops, and provided private counseling to guide the students through this transformative experience.


We Want To Help Every College-Bound Student
In an effort to bring his method to the masses, he published a book series, “Brand U” (, and a successful, self-paced webinar at  He has also written articles for the New York Times, US News & World Report’s “Best Colleges”, Columbus Dispach, CBS Money Watch, Newsweek, College Week Live, the Daily Beast, and Fox News.  


We Create Real World Outcomes for Every Student
Your student’s college selection will affect so many aspects of their life— from career success to emotional development and personal fulfillment.  Approximately 30% of college students transfer out of their starting school, and 60% drop out entirely.  The majority of these cases were the result of a poor fit between student and school.  


When A Book Is Not Enough, but Private Counselling Doesn’t Fit the Budget
While we outline the steps of the Montesano Method in the Brand U book series, the ACP program brings community, input, support and on-going accountability to the experience that can often get lost in the noise of high school obligations.  This program is the most effective model to bridge the gap between do-it-yourself and white glove private counselling services.